Artificial Intelligence as implemented in Seven Kingdoms

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The goal for creating the Artificial Intelligence in Seven Kingdoms was to accurately recreate grand human themes. The obvious way to do this would be to study these themes and to try to order the AI to follow them along set paths.

This, however, is not the way we chose to do it. Basic biology shows that individual organisms working only in their own best interests have created vast, complex systems including all the grand themes of human history.

Knowing this, we chose to focus solely on the individual; giving him as many realistic human emotions as possible within the constraints of a game. Each action taken by an individual in the game will have repercussions among his neighbors, his leaders, his subordinates and his subjects. Their reactions to his actions will also have repercussions, creating a never-ending chain reaction of human emotion. The result is, as we had hoped, realistic situations that any student of history or of current events would recognize.

To illustrate:

A Norman King of average reputation is ruling over a multi-cultural empire. He has grown tired of waiting for an independent Maya village to give in to his rule and so he orders an attack on the village.

This attack on a peaceful village immediately decreases his reputation among all of the people of the world. It especially upsets his Maya subjects in another village who are driven to open revolt. They are subsequently all killed by a local garrison of Normans which further drives down the Kingdom's reputation and enrages the only Maya General in the army.

This Maya General renounces his King and, taking his troops with him, joins the forces of a rival Kingdom and launches an attack upon the Normans. This action begins a full-scale war between the two Kingdoms.

In the ensuing war, the Norman King is slain and replaced by an untried leader with very poor leadership skills. This drives down the loyalty levels of the entire populace, and sees entire villages going over to the enemy.

With the Kingdom on the verge of collapse, General follows General, cutting their losses and joining the enemy King known the world over for his just rule and his ability to pay his troops on time.

The Norman Kingdom has now been completely swept away, ultimately because of an ill-conceived attack on a peaceful village and the reactions it brought about. None of these events have been pre-programmed. They are merely the result of giving each unit basic human emotions.