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There will be special guides, this page will contain basic gameplay guide for beginners. It is assumed the reader has played through the tutorial.

Basic gameplay guide for beginners

Viking on the left and Norman on the right.

So, you are starting, you have probably picked up nation by your historical preferences and don't know, what he can do, so look at encyclopedia or just pick up Normans or Vikings.

  • Normans: Norman soldiers have a mediocre attack, until they reach a higher combat skill and gain a shield and crossbow, a good ranged weapon.
  • Vikings: Vikings have good attack, and on at a higher skill level gain a quite strong "Berserker attack" used every 120 seconds (lighting axe animation).
Train soldiers using the "Leadership" button.

Now, you are in game, if you are not playing any scenarios, you have started with a village of 40 men and fort with your king. Start by training soldiers: left-click the village and left-click on "Train" icon; click eight-times on grey button that says "Leadership" (see the picture on the right). You will train eight soldiers with a skill level of 20 in Leadership and combat each. It will take some time so you could instead, while the village is selected, right-click on the center of the fort (the small, rotating circle) eight-times to just take peasants from the plow and put them under direct training under your general or king. To build other buildings, train one or two Builders by clicking the "Construction" button under the "Train" menu.

Builders are very important, they can build all buildings, such as Market, Inn or Harbor.

Their skill grows with building and increases the speed of building and repairing. But they are expendable and fast builds-up don't affect your gameplay so much.

With one of your builders build a mine on the nearest or richest (left-click to see amount) deposit of raw material or, if you are playing on high aggression, build only a market near one. The enemy may want to claim raw material and could attack your mine, which is an expensive building. You can defend it with your troops, but it will be man-costly and if you win, many of your soldiers will die and you will me a lot weakened against other players. So it is better to just build market nearby and import raw material from enemy. When you have mine or market, build one or two factories. Miners are more effective, then factory workers, so one mine can support up to four factories, depends on their skills. Then build market to store goods, market have to be linked to either factories and village. While you are building mine, factories and market, take a peasant from village by left-clicking on Recruit button and set new village near you mine, you have to see a link from mine to village. Then train eight miners and eight to sixteen workers, depended on you mines. Or you can just use peasant and take them from village by Recruit button. But be aware, each recruit lower loyalty of your village. You can recruit peasant to 40 loyalty without fear. When it is lower then 30, there is big chance of starting revolt.

So you have mine, factory and market linked to village with some population. It is good to move rest of your population to your new base and make it Main base. While you are building mine and factories, it is good to make with your second builder one to three Inns and search for good general, leadership skill 70 and more or 50 and more from your nationality. Look at map and search for independent (white) village with high population of your nationality or with high population of no-enemy nationality. Hire generals from inn mainly according to these search.

With high leadership general you have hired build a fort near independent village of his nationality. It don't have to be only one-nation village, but these villages are much easier to convert. Then train two spy-specialist in your village and send them to protect your general against enemy spies. But be aware, there is point of luck, enemy spy may be trained in treachery much more, then your beginner spies (you know, college won't prepare you to everything). You have two of them, so chances are better, but when some peasant will enter your fort and you haven't send him, it is not peasant, that want to fight for your case. It is enemy spy, who want to assassinate your general. Or, bribe him and turn whole fort with all your soldiers into his squad. Another reason for two spies is war reason. In battle, your spies could die. But, because they will be more trained then other soldiers, after squad is completed, they chances are greater, even when one of them die, you have the second one.

After some time, resistance of independent village will drop enough that villagers would happily, for salary, work in your buildings. So build there a tower of science. If village is big enough and enemy mine is near, import raw materials and build a factory and market there. Village will earn you money.

Because your king has high leadership and "king status", independent villages need only fort nearby, there is no need of tower of science. King would himself drop resistance to zero, or to something near zero, so you could conquer these few points by force and attack that village. But have on mind, that because king's high leadership, it is very important to lower the time he won't train soldiers to minimum. So build a fort for your king and his squad near an independent village with builder or a soldier, and have it finished in time for the arrival of your king.