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Enlight is a developer and publisher of entertainment software, operating two development studios (Enlight Software Ltd.) in Hong Kong (Enlight Software Ltd.). Enlight was founded by Trevor Chan in 1993 (Enlight Software Ltd.), where he worked at the original Enlight studio in the Great Smart Tower in Hong Kong (Dib),
Great Smart Tower in Hong Kong
and in 2003, (Enlight Software Ltd.) Enlight opened a North American publishing headquarters based in Parkville, MD. (Enlight Software Ltd.) called Enlight Interactive Inc. (Enlight Software Ltd.) and is now promoting and publishing titles for Infinite, Egosoft, and Haemimont Games, among other developers (Enlight Software Ltd.).

Enlight's first product, Capitalism, published by Interactive Magic (Enlight Software Ltd.), was released in 1995 (Enlight Software Ltd.). Enlight continued and produced simulation game titles utilizing its proprietary "DigitLife EnginTM", originally developed for "CAPITALISM" (Enlight Software Ltd.), combining the strength of the engine with the latest in real-time graphics technology (Enlight Software Ltd.). Enlight then went on to produce Capitalism Plus (Enlight Software Ltd.). Following the success of Capitalism, Mr. Chan designed Seven Kingdoms, a fantasy real-time strategy game with tremendous depth and previously unseen design features (Enlight Software Ltd.).


Seven Kingdoms

Project Management: Trevor Chan

Design: Trevor Chan

Lead Programming: Trevor Chan

Programming: Alex Leung, Gilbert Luis

Graphics and Animation: Lok Cheung, Dennis Fong, Chris Whitehouse, Cheri Lee

Manual, Tutorial, and Historical Research: Chris Whitehouse

Music: Bjørn Lynne

Sound Effects: Chris Whitehouse, Bjørn Lynne

Beta Testing, Management, and Public Relations: Fiona Hau

Seven Kingdoms II

Game Design: Trevor Chan

Programming: Trevor Chan, Gilbert Luis, Ban Tam, Alan Lee, Alan Chea

Artwork: Dennis Fong, Mon Cheung, Kenny Wong, Ronald Leung and Kenneth Chan

Additional Design, Interface, Writing, Research, and Audio: Chris Whitehouse

Producers: Trevor Chan and Fiona Hau

Beta Testing Management: Fiona Hau, Eva Wong and Walter Chan




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