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Independent towns are a non-playable class of towns of any race loosely controlled by AI. Internally, they are a nation class with most of the leadership and building aspects disabled. None of the actual nation ratings have any impact on the independent villages and no king is necessary. The towns provide growth opportunities to playable nations.


Each independent town grows in population very similarly to nation towns. There also may be a quality of life factor, based on available commodities and employment. Each town is capped to 60 pop.

Independent towns cannot "split" if the population is high. Only in a actual nation the AI performs this operation. This prevents automatic growth of independent towns.

Independent towns can randomly appear per config option once per 30 days at 1/3 chance. This is prevented when a cap on global population of 1000 or 10 independent villages is reached. The race content of new independent villages is based on the "wander" factor of races of units lost during the game.

Rebel units can create new towns (rebel towns).

Rebelling towns can also turn independent. This is likely rare.


To be completed.

Rebel Towns

Rebel towns can be created by a rebel unit settling a new town square or populating an existing town. They can also be created by a town that reached low enough loyalty. A town that had rebels settle are designated "Rebel Town" and town resistance is increased.

Bonus skilled units

Independent towns randomly provide a nation units of random abilities at a highest frequency of one unit per 3 months. Nations with higher reputation may have an increase of frequency and an increase of diversity of races contributed. There seems to be a limit on distance, but that factor does not seem to be readily observed.

There is a 1/3 chance of rolling a soldier, a peasant, or a random skilled worker.

  1. Solders have a 1/3 chance of having a leadership skill between 1-100, otherwise 1-50. The combat level is leadership_skill + random(40) - 20, with a min of 10 and a max of 100.
  2. Peasants have a random combat level of 10-20.
  3. Skilled workers can be of any trainable skill, except be a spy. If a spy is rolled, then the next trainable skill is selected in the list, favoring a construction worker. The skill level is 10-90. The combat level is 10-40.

When an independent unit joins a nation, the betray() function is called. This will have an effect of announcing the joining, and set a path towards a possible firm. However, then the path is immediately reset to the nearest town, which the betray() function does not always do.

A bonus unit is drawn from the peasant population. If an independent town has actual spy units owned by a nation, those units cannot be used as a random bonus unit. Employed units may also not be used.