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In the world of Seven Kingdoms, you will find up to seven different Nations, each with unique attributes, who live in an almost unlimited number of randomly generated landscapes.

The People

The people in this game have been programmed with real human emotions. They will have conflicting or complimentary loyalties to their commanders, to their kings and to their ethnic groups. They will have the potential to rebel against unjust rule and to turn traitor and join the forces of a more just king. Or they may do the same, but only for the love of money.


Every human in Seven Kingdoms will have his own level of skill in his profession. You may therefore see a troop of nine very well trained and well led soldiers defeat an army five or six times its size. As in the real world, a skilled commander will exercise great influence over the conduct of his forces in battle. Poorly trained troops led by an unskilled commander will be unlikely to last for very long.


The size of your armies in Seven Kingdoms will be constrained by real-world considerations. The more people you have in the armed forces, the fewer you will have to grow food and to run the economy. If you plan to draft a multitude of young soldiers you must also find good Generals to train and lead them. Generals have to be paid and rewarded. If they are not they may take their services elsewhere. You will also have to worry about the dangerous mood and potential for rebellion generated in a village when all of their young men are drafted!


Instead of concentrating solely on military matters you may wish to spend time creating a trading empire of mines, factories, markets, caravans, harbors and ships that span the known world. This will bring you far more income than the feudal method of simply taxing your peasants, although this is also an option.


In Seven Kingdoms you will have the opportunity to infiltrate spies into the kingdoms of your enemies. Here, in villages, factories, towers of science, mines and forts they can sleep as moles until the time is right to complete their missions. They may sow discord, sabotage production or research, steal information, or rise in the ranks of an enemy army even to the level of General. A well placed spy may even gain the throne of an enemy's kingdom and thus secure victory without a fight. You are not without defense against these spies, however, as you may keep your own counterspies in your possessions to expose and execute these enemy agents.


In Seven Kingdoms you may also make use of mercenaries that you may hire in your inns. These mercenaries are skilled workers, soldiers or scientists looking for the kingdom that will pay him the most. You must be careful, however, as at times a mercenary's obvious skills may hide the fact that he is actually a spy in the pay of an enemy kingdom.

Independent Villages

All across the world you will find multitudes of independent villages. These villages are prizes far exceeding the value of gold as it is with a multi-cultural empire, making use of the unique skills of each nationality, that will have the advantage in this game. Seven Kingdoms recognizes that people, their skills and their loyalties are by far the most precious resource in the real world and so we have tried to emphasize that aspect over the simple gathering of minerals.


Even if you do not desire to absorb these villages into your empire, you may receive a steady flow of immigrants from them if your kingdom is perceived to be a good place to live. As with the people in the empires, independent villagers all have their own human feelings which can sometimes lead them to uprooting and moving to a better place. It is therefore a good strategy to make your kingdom the most desirable in the world.


Diplomacy can play a large role in Seven Kingdoms. You will be able to make and break trade treaties, friendly treaties or alliance treaties. You may declare war or sue for peace, demand tribute or beg for aid or food.


You will be able to conduct scientific research and with it develop advanced weapons and better and more powerful ships.


Around the land of Seven Kingdoms may also be found the Lairs of the Fryhtans. These Lairs harbor strange and deadly beings, yet ones who must be dealt with if you would gain control of their treasures. Their Lairs hold huge amounts of gold and, most importantly, ancient scrolls of power that will enable you to build Seats of Power and then invoke Greater Beings.

Greater Beings

Every nationality has its own Greater Being that it will be able to summon; each with a unique power. Although these Beings are not immortal, they have powers far beyond those of humans.


As in the real world you will have the choice of winning by being an unabashed militarist, conquering by brute force and damning the consequences, or you will have the choice of being a good and just king - conquering all by winning peoples hearts.

The best bet, as in the real world, will probably be somewhere in the middle. The reputation of a tyrant will probably cause his downfall before he achieves his goal and a good and just king without the force to protect himself will probably end up good and just and dead.


You may play Seven Kingdoms alone against the computer and its five different skill levels or else you may play against up to six other players by local area network, modem or on the Internet. There will also be a large number of preset scenarios against which you can test your skills. You may also set different goals for victory and therefore you may win by other methods than total destruction.