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This is the task list for the 2.14 branch, outlining the major changes we want to make in this sequence of releases.

Task list

Since the majorly necessary gaps in the code have been repopulated, from here on out most of the open tasks can be worked on any order of priority.

  • DONE: Cleanup build support macros (i.e. NO_WINDOWS, _MSC_VER, mingw, USE_WINDOWS, --with-wine)
  • DONE but work will still continue: Contribute translations, improve platform support
  • NOT DONE, but game has versioning support for this anyway: Save/config file extensions
  • DONE: 64-bit vs 32-bit network testing, repack structs to eliminate slop
  • REJECTED until a major platform appears: Big endian support
  • Mobile platforms
  • DONE: Game recording/replays (not video recording)
  • DONE: Desync detection, fixing
  • Reimplement AVI playback code
  • Plan for IPv6
  • DONE: Implement https login for 7kfans.com multiplayer service
  • Sort of DONE, not too important: Split DEBUG into more manageable functions, cleanup logging and assertion macros into a single set that works on all platforms