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With this strategy guide you will be able to win against CPU even at maximum difficulty level, it is possible to win within 6 years if you have only 1/2 foes or maybe a more realistic 10 years if you have more foes. It is also actually very effective in multiplayer, however a smart player can easily counter this strategy (just need to come with an army when you start building catapults). This strategy do not require any kind of cheating to beat CPU.

- The primary goal of this strategy is to quickly gain the technology for Catapult Mark III and to quickly build an army of catapults.

How to start:

- You require a 40 population town (sometimes when you start with merceneries this strategy is not feasible).
- Start to quickly train 5 scientits
- Each time a scientist spawn let him build a new Tower of science
- Fill as much as possible the towers by right clicking on them when the village is selected (be warned not to fall under 30 loyalty)
- Setup a regular tax on the village at 40/50 loyalty.
- You should be able to achieve catapult Mark III by the year 4

When you finish research mark II of catapult

- Train 2 manufacturers
- Each manufacturer build a different War factory
- Let Factories fill in automatic way and start building Catapults
- You will probably produce just 3/4 catapults before reaching mark III that's ok.
- By year 5 you should be able to have already 16 catapults (almost all at Mark III)

As long as King's fort is almost full:

- Train a general
- Build a new fort
- Fill also the new fort with catapults.

At this point you are ready to attack another kingdom, or a frythan lair.

- You could as well sell the towers and 1 factory if you run low on money
- Train 2 new generals and move peasants into the forts while the King and the First general are outside
- When a Frythain lair is empty you could just send your new peasants/general to destroy it to get some training

This strategy is feasible even if you start with Small trasure (you will almost touch 0 Gold coins everytime, so you have to be carefull to look at your wealth periodically to avoid buildings start to deteriorate).

CUSTOM POINT 1: Some times it is desirable to train a Worker, build a Inn and recruit a skilled general (remember Generals increase damage done by units). Also it may be desirable to build a Market and buy finished goods from other kingdoms in order to resell them to your village (you can gain almost 400 $ by spending 200$, also your village will grow population faster).

This strategy does not require workers at all, it is very possible you already win after just the 1st ever EarthQuake (even if natural events are "Frequent"). So since buildings will be damaged only once, there is no need to repair them (if you plan on reselling buildings, just do that before the earthquake because damaged buildings can't be selled but only demolished).

Also one strong point of this strategy is that it does not recruit peasants until phase 2 nor it trains workers (unless you do that with custom point) that also allows to gain 1/2 extra villagers compared to computer just by natural growth).

Of course, you can even do more factories and science towers if you start with a large treasure (in this case just be sure to have 2/3 inns so you can use them to recruit people that you will just send straight to Towers, Factories or villages), usually when the game run in so short tiems there's no risk for population starving, so it is ok if you have all of your citizen working in some building.