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This deity belongs to Vikings race, the use of Thor is often neglected and can be a powerfull ally if used correctly

Seat Of Power

You need to kill an All High Frythan using Viking soldiers in order to acquire the Viking scroll of power, you also have to use a Viking soldier to take the scroll (watchout that enemies vikings soliders can steal the scroll once it has been dropped on the ground).


Upkeep and cost:

The seat of power costs 1200$ and has a upkeep of 1200$ yearly. So the first year you build a Seat Of Power that costs to you 2400$ and then 1200$ the other years. Plus you have also to pay for the General that have to stay there.

To build it you need one of these:

  • A Viking King
  • A Viking Builder
  • A Viking General
  • A Viking Soldier
  • A Viking Prayer (you get one only if you already had the Seat Of Power, usefull to rebuild it if destroyed)


God's powers

  • Thunderstorm: starts a thunderstorm
  • Tornado: starts a tornado in specified place



Thor thunder.png

This power can be usefull to put fires off, rain always extinguish fires, especially usefull if you are starting a battle against someone who has lot of weapons because each fire slot existing in the battleground could potentially harm your units. Each fire do a small amount of damage, but if you stack that over all your army you will see that is doing a lot of damage. An alternative use is to quickly get rid of Norman's Dragon fireballs. Storms can randomly hit some building or village with some lightening, but this effect is more scenic than usefull for anything. Also you will love looking at storms, so why just not summoning a thunderstorm for the pleasure of looking at it?

Strategy: when needed/wanted summon Thor, call the thunderstorm, then immediatly dismiss Thor for later use.


Thor tornado.png

This power is the most usefull power for Thor, but need some exercise to be used properly. Once called a Tornado will appear at the specified location (in reality sometimes it don't appear in the wanted location, you need some exercise to correctly aim) and will stay still for 10 (in-game) days, after that it will start moving into a random direction. If summoned over a village it will kill 1 villager each 3 days, so calling a single Tornado over a village will kill 3 villagers.

Village killing strategy: You need just some exercise and timing, summon a Tornado over a Village (either enemy village, or a village that enemy is going to conquer). Count 10 days (the day in wich the tornado starts is day 1, then each time you see they Day changin in the calendar add another day to your count, when you count 10, start your tornado!), then spawn another Tornado. Doing that would allow to spawn 3 Tornadoes in sequence, however you can cheat the game a bit by creating a 4th Tornado:

  • When Thor starts the animation of placing the 3rd Tornado (before spell points get diminished by 100) you freeze the game (0) then click again on Tornado Icon
  • Wait the usual 10 days while keeping active the cursor with the power and then cast the 4th Tornado.

Since each time you cast a Tornado you extend the lifetime of all Tornadoes you will see that:

  • First tornado last 40 days (killing 13 people)
  • Second tornado last 30 days (killing 10 people)
  • Third tornado last 20 days (killing 6 people)
  • Fourth tornado last 10 days (killing 3 people)


That's an astonishing 32 Villagers killed (in reality 33 because when Tornadoes stars moving they will go through the village for an extra little moment). This is a direct counter to Osyris skill that spawn extra 10 villagers at each invocation, and if placed in the middle of an enemy kingdom will cause extra damages. Because the group of 4 Tornadoes will damage other building and villages as well.

Diserbant strategy: Trees and bushes will become a serious problem in late games beacuse will prevent units from moving and to build structures, you can destroy vegetation with porcupines, but since porcupines are really expensive the best way is to use some Tornado placed over the incriminated trees!

Damagin buildings: You have to use the same exact strategy used for killing villages, but over buildings. You place the first Tornado one 1 building, the second tornado on another building then you can either:

  • Place third tornado over a third building and 4th tornado over that building again
  • Place third and 4th tornado over a enemy village

If the first case you will be able to destroy 3 buildings (regular buildings have 200 HP).

In the second case you will be able to destroy 2 buildings and 10 villagers.


  • You can also destroy 1 Seat Of Power instead of 2 builldings if you place there your first 2 Tornadoes.

If you do a perfect timing between Tornadoes you can also destroy a Frythain lair


Thor powers do not reduce in any way the reputation even if used on neutral villages.