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The Left Hand of loki

One day, King loki is bored and feels an end is near, so he summons his son, the Prince, and begins to speak, "I must right a grave error on my part. Please, accompany me on a military campaign." The Prince agrees as he is prepared for war and to fight.

King loki seems calmly resolute and speaks again, "this name, loki, is no longer me. I represented Loki in life to survive, for I have had to live in the face of fear and hostility. I must not only stand my ground, but I must aggressively attack to the point of having to kill or be killed, but I have been hurt, and I am damaged. Now, I just want to be left alone to be myself whomever I am."

"Let me tell you a story. My Kingdom and future Empire began in the middle of a war with lesser kingdoms on one side and great Empires on the other. I was attacked immediately, and my Kingdom was destroyed. So the second time with another Kingdom, there was a mandatory peace time. The other Kingdom spent this time researching catapults and then manufacturing them. I broke the rules and attacked early before I was overrun by his technology. I succeeded in destroying him, but I spared his villages. He transported them to an island and redeveloped and ultimately defeated me. Ever since then, I completely abandoned my good reputation and spared no one, believing 'there is no morality. Your people will happily slaughter everyone if they are well paid and fed.' Then, I played Adam for the first time. He quickly captured his native village and others. I was so caught off guard by the speed of it, so the second time, knowing I could not attack his fort due to the mandatory peace time, I slaughtered the inhabitants of the Independent Village."

"This is my last act of loki."

"I play the fool instead of the King. Better to attack the village until the residents' loyalty is low enough to rebel or capture the village with a fort and general."

"In the olden days, there was the principle of bravery. Great Empires they may be, but only because they are such cowards. If you play in my game by my rules, you will be threatened and attacked. My ideal game happens after many years have past when the Fryhtan lairs start to multiply, and the Fryhtans spill out to attack villages. My ideal game is a struggle for scarce, distant resources and constant war with other Kingdoms and Empires. My ideal game is a struggle to survive."

Prepare to be hated. Prepare to be betrayed. Prepare to be attacked. Beware of the pang in your heart and the tears that fall upon your breast. Choose for yourself -- with which hand you want to rule, the right or left. Sometimes a healthy heart and long life is greater than absolute power and freedom. I defer to the lessons on sportsmanship by Amarok in chapter 8.2.2 Behaviors


As soon as other kingdoms begin to ask for trade treaties, open the diplomacy window as request a trade with all of them. Repeat this with friendly treaties and alliance treaties until you are allied with everyone. If a kingdoms terminates an alliance or friendly treaty, request one right away. You will be attacked soon by multiple kingdoms soon. Some kingdoms will reject your proposals. Keep asking until they accept.

There are two ways you can play: trade with kingdoms or never trade with anyone (maybe one or two) and constantly be at war. The latter is preferable as it saves having to damage reputation to destroy a nation.




Comment out

if( plant_count > plant_limit )


in OW_PLANT.cpp at lines 100-101 to stop plant_limit for World::plant_reprod

Same for World::plant_spread at lines 209-210

Increase probability of spread at line changing 1000 to 1

Increase probability of grow at lines 81

tempEffect - speeds up growth, but everything can be covered in plants and lags the game


Dragon and Jing Nung

Comment out

if (god_id == GOD_CHINESE || god_id == GOD_NORMAN)


return 1;

in OU_GOD.cpp at lines 130-133 to make them almost immortal.