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Seven Kingdoms Strategy Guide


Train one, two, or three miners, depending on how many natural resources you try to take. Try to stay close together because you will be attacked. Train a construction worker and build a market far from your city so that it can link to a large amount of towns. Train eight factory workers, and build to factories.


As soon as other kingdoms begin to ask for trade treaties, open the diplomacy window as request a trade with all of them. Repeat this with friendly treaties and alliance treaties until you are allied with everyone. If a kingdoms terminates an alliance or friendly treaty, request one right away. You will be attacked soon by multiple kingdoms soon. Some kingdoms will reject your proposals. Keep asking until they accept.

There are two ways you can play: trade with kingdoms or never trade with anyone (maybe one or two) and constantly being at war. The latter is preferable as it saves having to damage reputation to destroy a nation.


Train a troop of soldiers. As soon as a kingdom declares war on you, send your king and his troops to attack their empty fort. Destroy the fort, market, and the inns.


Your forts need not be linked to your towns as long as you prevent them from rebelling. Build your forts next to the Fryhtan lairs, the stronger the better. They are your friends and should be protects unless they attack you or are needed for funds or a scroll.






Comment out

if( plant_count > plant_limit )


in OW_PLANT.cpp at lines 100-101 to stop plant_limit for World::plant_reprod

Same for World::plant_spread at lines 209-210

Increase probability of spread at line changing 1000 to 1

Increase probability of grow at lines 81

tempEffect - speeds up growth, but everything can be covered in plants and lags the game


Dragon and Jing Nung

Comment out

if (god_id == GOD_CHINESE || god_id == GOD_NORMAN)


return 1;

in OU_GOD.cpp at lines 130-133 to make them almost immortal.