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Wanted Pages / Index

Highest Priority


Awards - From the sites bibliography.

  • 7k Gold Status in Germany

Advertisements - From the sites bibliography.

Screenshots - From the sites bibliography.

  • Ambition
  • Normal
  • Thumbnails
  • Misc.

Reviews - From sites bibliography.

Graphics - from sites bibliography.

Awards - From sites bibliography.

Descriptions of Archived Material - Annotated part of the bibliography.

  • - patches, manual, code, vids, demos.
  • Local

Beta, Demos, and Patches - From the sites bibliography,

  • Active Links
  • dead links


  • History
  • Old Scoreboard
  • Rules
  • Clans
  • Sites
  • Fryhtans


  • Normal
  • Thumbnails
  • Icons

How to Edit

Writing Guidelines

These are restricted.

Names / Emails / IPs

Piracy / Copyright Violation

Advertising / Spam

Higher Priority


Historical Research


Unit and town names and dates and empires.

Greater Beings

Lower Priority

Female Unit Names - Personal interest.

Queen Names - Personal interest.

Additional Nationalities - Personal interest.

Additional Town Names - Personal interest.

Additional Unit Names - Personal interest.

Unorganized[]=languageSorter%3A%22English%22&and[]=collection%3A%22magazine_rack%22&and[]=year%3A%221998%22[]=languageSorter%3A%22English%22&and[]=collection%3A%22magazine_rack%22&and[]=year%3A%221998%22 - 7k2openbeta.exe

How to Install Fonts - Personal interest.



They are easily found on Youtube.

Intro video

Tools - dev, in Perl, self explanatory.

Bjørn Lynne


Interactive Magic / Imagic

  • Clans

Kings of Chaos

Knights of the Round

Frythan Lordz

Druid Council

Rebels of Terror

Young Turks

Knights of the Realm

Dragons of Justice

Always "winners"

work u all